Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who was a part of and also who made possible this very special occasion.

I am gathering photos and video footage to share with you on this site (link in the upper right side of the site). I will post what I have now but stay tuned for updates and more pictures.

Photos & Videos Are Up

I have some photos to share but if any of you have any that I don't have yet please send me a copy. We would love to add them to the collection.

Visit Wedding Photo Album

Visit Video Playlist

Visit Honeymoon Photo Album

Florists for a day

Mom and I are expressing our inner flower children a few days before the big event. Jars galore supplied by various sources and decorated a' la rustic chic and blooms purchased at Trader Joe's. I think they turned out great.

The Dress Saga

So at first I wanted something with this kind of look.

But I couldn't find a thing that wasn't outrageous in price. I got this funny idea in my head that I could maybe make one that had a gypsy look to it. So I started. I even felt like I got pretty far then when I got to sewing the bodice. Long story-short. Mom and I went shopping with not a lot of time to spare, yikes. I was able to use the expensive fabric that I bought to make a nice shawl that I will still wear. So not all is lost. I also can still use the gypsy skirt that I made someday. I am also very happy with the dress we found.

Found in a dress shop window in Soquel

Making the Wedding Signs

We have been working on these signs for months but now I'm calling in the pro and cracking the whip.

The Pre-Ceremony Pumpkin round up

We went up hwy 1 for a bit and found a cute farm where we got all of the pumpkins for the wedding. There was a corn maze and a fantastic selection of festive pumpkins. Rodoni Farms definitely deserves a annual visit.

The Invitation

Hand crafted, painted, stuffed and almost ready to go. I have digital copies if any get lost in the mail. Wish them luck!