Paul Bunyan Park, Ca 

This wedding will be a small intimate family event.

It is going to be in an astoundingly beautiful natural setting that really connects you to nature. We are also going for a rustic/ chic feel. As a result it will be a casual gathering where we will be standing on dirt and sitting at picnic tables. 


I heard you were having a hand fasting. What is that?
Handfasting is an alternate form of marriage ceremony. It dates back hundreds of years, and spans several cultures. In some cultures (as in the Scottish Highlands), it was a marriage of a "year and a day". If at the end of the year, the couple found that they were incompatible, and there were no children, they could part. Otherwise, they could agree to remain together, and the marriage then became a legal and lifelong bond.
In other cultures, it was a complete, fully binding ceremony from the start. In some remote areas, it was a simply a means of marriage between two people where no "clergy" or other official party could be found to perform a ceremony. In this case, the couple needed only to express their desire to be joined as one, and that was considered a legally binding contract.
Oft-times the couple would have their hands bound together for part of the ceremony. The binding of hands, which gives us the expression "Tying the Knot," has been done using ribbons or strings.

So wait, what do I wear?
I can't stress enough that this will be a casual event. Sure, I am going to be wearing a ivory dress but I want to make sure everyone is going to be comfortable. (Ok, maybe not pajamas comfortable.)  Bring something to cover up with just in case is gets chilly later. If you end up hanging out later there will be a camp fire. We will have insect repellent handy. Stilettos are not advised. I will be wearing flats/ sandals.

Where are you registered?
Chris and I have been living together for a few years now and with the resent downsize to 500 sq feet we are finding ourselves very full in the "things" category. If you would like to make a donation to the wedding and honeymoon "fund" there will be a "Advice & Wishes" bucket at the ceremony. Your attendance is a wonderful gift to us as well.

Where are you going on your honeymoon?
We sprung for a yurt right there at Mt. Madonna. Just like my immediate family, Chris & I love camping. We love being active out in nature as well as relaxing. I am hoping to get Chris on a horse for his first ride ever.

Is this just for the Brides side of the family?
Yes, this is going to be a small, local event. But good news, no seating plan!

Roaring Camp, Felton, Ca