Our Love Story

Hiking in Northern Ca
As told by Leah
How we meet
Approximately 4-ish years ago I met a kind and compassionate fellow in Oregon. My brother had been friends with Chris for years but I had not meet him in person until I moved to Oregon. It was just chance that he was one of the few that I knew in the state so when I needed help moving he was there for me. We got to know each other and soon fell in love. We have now moved 5 times. 4 in Oregon and one to California. We make a fantastic team and if we can move together that stress free that many times. I can't wait to just not move for a very long time.

At Crown Point looking over the Hood river in Oregon

Common Interests
Camping, Nature, Hiking, Disc Golf, Video Games, Paleo Cooking, Earth Based Spirituality, Music, Our fantastic little dog Gypsy, Bacon & sleeping with the widows open.

Snowshoeing at Mt Hood in Oregon

What we are up to now
We are super happy to be living close to family in our new (to us) but actually vintage tiny home. Thank goodness there is a storage shed because it is small in there but we love it. We car share and are both really happy with our active lives and jobs that are very local as well.

At the Portland art museum

Warrior Dash 5k Obstacle Run

On the way to California
Hiking up Multinomah Falls in Oregon